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Al Hoty Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
Operation Engineer
Job Posted On : 05 - Nov - 2018
Client Code : RC-9
No. Of Requirment(s) : 1
Qualification :
Skills :
Minimum Experience : --
Maximum Experience : --
Job Location : Al Khobar-Saudi Arabia
IELTS Exam Qualified minimum 6 band score and good English Communication Skills
Job Description

1. Ensure correct production in terms of quality and quantity as specified by the Scheduling Sector. Ensure the correct implementation of the guidelines provided by Process Engineers. 2. Prepare and supervise critical operational activities: start-up, shutdown, catalyst change, and provide technical support to the Shift Supervisors throughout these activities. 3. Enhance, implement and update operational procedures and planning associated with maintaining and improving Area 1 operational drawings and tools such as blind list, LC/LO valves, traps list. Ensure correct application of operational tools by the shift teams. 4. Propose and follow-up on the budget for chemicals and utilities consumption and expenditure of materials (bulk material, tools, and work wear). 5. Responsible for the shift personnel’s time schedule. Assure permanent minimum permanent staffing for all shifts by optimally using the replacement team. 6. Ensure and participate in the operator certification process. 7. Realise the yearly appreciation of the Day Operator. 8. Attend daily and weekly meetings with Maintenance Coordinator to prioritize and schedule maintenance activities. 9. Write daily instructions to the Shift Supervisor in order to optimize units in accordance with the daily scheduling plan and prepare the unit/equipment for planned maintenance activities. 10. Control the daily application of and compliance with Refinery Standards established in the area of health, safety, environment and protection by the staff under his/her control and all personnel working in Area 1. 11. Participate in all incidents/accident investigations. Participate in the risk analysis of any unusual operational or maintenance activities. 12. Carryout regular field inspections within Area 1 to monitor and maintain adequate housekeeping, identify and eliminate unsafe conditions and control the strict application of the work permit procedure and the correct disposal of waste. Control the execution of the field inspection program by the shift teams. 13. Encourage and control the permanent minimization of flare, waste production. Establish and control the periodic survey and testing program of equipment/devices related with Safety and Environmental Protection. 14. Control the strict application of the Area 1 control access procedure. Ensure existence and correct use of all appropriate operational procedures in Area 1. 15. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent Area 1.

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