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Al Hoty Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia)
Contract Advisor
Job Posted On : 03 - Dec - 2018
Job ID : 2DXV
Client Code : RC-9
No. Of Requirment(s) : 1
Qualification :
Skills :
Minimum Experience : --
Maximum Experience : --
Job Location : Al Khobar-Saudi Arabia
IELTS Exam Qualified minimum 6 band score and good English Communication Skills
Job Description

Education Background: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Engineering, or equivalent. Experience: Six (6) years of experience in Material/Contract Management and Handling, of which at least Three (3) years in a similar position. Date: Approval: Vice President HR&SS Main Competencies and Qualities: • Strong knowledge of local and international Procurement laws and procedures. • Strong knowledge of Contracting Regulations and Procedures. • Conversant with Microsoft Office applications. • Strong analytical ability. • Strong negotiation skills. • Capable of giving strong attention to details. • Strong interpersonal communication skills. • Capable of handling multiple tasks. • Ability to work in a dynamic environment. • Strong command of oral and written English. Duties and Responsibilities: 1) Coordinate and work closely with SATORP Organizations to review Procurement Requisitions (PR), Scope of Work (SoW) and Sole Source Justification, if and when needed. 2) Coordinate with the Procurement Team to prepare Contract Requests For Quotation (RFQ. 3) Develop contracts based on SATORP policies, specifications and the controlling organization’s needs. 4) Review and ensure the compliance of contracts with SATORP approved Table of Authority. Ensure clarity of scope as well as applicability and completeness of all related documents. 5) Participate in opening and reviewing Technical and Commercial bids in the presence of all concerned personnel and ensure that all evaluation criteria are clearly established and agreed with the appropriate personnel. 6) Conduct commercial negotiations with prospective bidders and secure the best-value proposal for SATORP and protect its interests. 7) Handle and issue materials and/or equipment ensuring that all related actions are performed with proper documentation and approvals. 8) Control and perform all contracting activities including conducting revisions and amendments, resolving contractual claims and disputes and protecting SATORP best interest. 9) Provide consultation to all SATORP organizations and personnel on Contracting regulations, procedures and guidelines. 10) Provide the necessary support to the Procurement Section to ensure the cost-effective selection of materials, services and suppliers and ensure compliance with all predetermined specifications and SATORP requirements. 11) Act as the main point of contact for handling contractual activities in coordination with the Legal Advisor; review and develop contract terms and payment schedules in coordination with the Finance Department. 12) Prepare contracts activity status report identifying the actions that are overdue and provide sound justification for delays and expected time of completion. 13) Coordinate with all concerned organizations in SATORP to follow-up on contract close-out actions and ensure that all relevant activities of the controlling organization are in compliance with relevant contracting guidelines and instructions. 14) Conduct regular contract reviews to ensure the delivery of expected goods and/or services is performed according to agreed terms and conditions by the respective organization at SATORP. 15) Participate in conducting pre-bidding meetings, negotiations and site visits, and respond to bidders’ questions related to contract conditions and related technical and commercial terms. 16) Provide input to contracts awarding process and follow-up on awarded vendor registration forms. 17) Submit regular reports to the Supervisor Contracting. 18) Perform other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor Contracting.

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